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The technical society of IIT Mandi or Science and Technology Council (SNTC) IIT Mandi consists of technical clubs for programming, Bioengineering, automotive engineering, robotics, astronomy, mechanics, civil engineering and entrepreneurship. One unique feature of the Institute’s Technical Society is that all the clubs support open participation i.e. all the students are free to join a club at any point of time and dedicated students are rewarded accordingly. Members of the technical society also enthusiastically represent the college in national events and have brought several laurels for the institute.

Current Society President: Anurag Maurya

Current Society Advisor: Dr. Narendra Kumar Dhar


The Technical Society has 8 clubs aimed to increase inter-disciplinary participation in the institute in respective domains

PRAYAS 1.0: Robotics and AI camp conducted by CCE IIT Mandi and Robotronics Club for school students of Himachal Pradesh


We have 5 Cells with students specializing in the respective domain. These cells aim to promote UG research, host intensive projects and represent SnTC in various inter-college competitions.


The teams aim at participating in particular long-term competitions. They are intended to promote research and hands-on technical experience within the team. The Teams are supervised by the chairSnTC along with an individual faculty advisor. The Teams optionally work under the supervision of a Lab.

SAE Motorsports Team

Technical Festival: Xpecto

Xpecto'22 Opening Ceremony

Xpecto is the science and technology festival of Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, which has been ramped up to include the most electrifying events, prompting great discoveries, as well as enthralling brainstorming and grand prizes. Each Technical Club will host some exciting events that will highlight and award participants' greatest ideas and breakthroughs. Starting from 2022, Xpecto hosts a large set of students in Himachal every year.

Intra college Fest: Utkarsh

Glimpses of Utkarsh

Utkarsh is intra college tech fest of IIT Mandi. The event hosts a lot of competitions and sessions from all of the clubs from SnTC. This event is primarily intended for getting the First Year students an induction into the culture of the technical society.


  • Anurag Maurya : 2023-24
  • Hiya Jain(Interim Technical Secretary): 2022-23
  • Surendra Singh: 2022-23
  • Abhijeet Manhas: 2021-22
  • Vipul Sharma: 2020-21
  • Abhigyan Khaund: 2019-2020

Club Coordinators/ Cell Leads/ Team Heads


Club/ Team /Cell Name Contact Details
Programming Club Akarshan Kapoor
Robotronics Club Harsh Vardhan Singh
Entrepreneurship Cell Mohit Sanjay Mahajan
Yantrik Club Pranjal Vats
Nirman Club Pranshu Sharma
Society of Automative Engineers Bhavya Somani
Kamand Bioengineering Group Utham Kumar
Space Technology and Astronomy Club Sukhvansh Jain
Heuristics Cell Taraksh Sambhar
GameDev Cell Alhad Chatur
Google Developer's Student Cell Arkadeep Ghosh
Website Design Cell Mahir Jain
System Administration and InfoSec Cell Vinayak Sachan
Team Deimos: The Mars Rover Team Ravi H M
STAC CANSAT Team Saransh Duharia

Please reach out to us at to collaborate.