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The GameDev Cell:CG2D, is a holistic student organization, which focuses on several aspects of development of games using external software and also in development of game engine. Our Club involves people from any branch since what you need is a sense of passion and spirit to learn and rest will be handled automatically.

The Club strongly promotes "out of the box" and it's not all about proficiency in coding, development includes people who design assets for game and also people who think of narrative and level design and people who code the mechanics for the functioning of the game. It's fun to make game you play normally and also realize how the game you play works ; that feeling is another sense of self accomplishment.


  1. Interactive Workshops: The Club organizes series of sessions in order to progress you from newbie in game development till a point of good knowledge and also provides resources regarding the same.
  2. Technical Competitions: The Club also organizes competitions where you can showcase the learning and also test yourself.
  3. Projects: We also organize projects for interested people generally during the vacation time and provides mentors to aid you through the project journey.

Join Us:

The Club is open to everyone who are innovative and have the required skills that can be utilized in the club. To become a member simply register through the form when it releases. As a member you will have a company of people who will help you out with your area of interest and aid in your development journey.



  1. Inhouse Game Engine