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The Yantrik Club, at IIT Mandi, is a vibrant student organization focusing on innovations in mechanical, and electrical engineering. The Club's mission is to be a center for students with a shared passion for these fields while providing them with exciting opportunities to enhance their knowledge, explore cutting-edge technologies, and collaborate on thrilling projects.

The Club strongly promotes the policy of "learning by doing" and believes in the power of hands-on learning and practical application of skills rather than a more theoretical approach.

Activities and Programs:

  1. Workshops and Training Sessions: The Club organizes workshops and training sessions, regularly, where experienced club members guide the participants through various technical topics. From 3D modeling to circuit design and 3D printing, these sessions are designed to enhance student's practical skills and broaden their understanding.
  2. Project Development: Yantrik Club strongly encourages members to engage in project-based learning. By forming teams and working on hands-on projects, students will have the chance to apply their knowledge and creativity. From designing and building robots to developing innovative prototypes, the possibilities are endless. The Club provides guidance, mentorship, and resources to support project development journeys.
  3. Technical Competitions: The Club provides a good opportunity for students to flex their skills and showcase their talents by participating in technical competitions.
  4. Expert Lectures and Industrial Visits: Students stay updated with the latest advancements and emerging trends in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and mechatronics through some guest lectures by industry experts and faculty members. Additionally, the Yantrik Club organizes visits to industries, research laboratories, and manufacturing units to expose students to real-life applications and practices.
  5. Panel Discussions and Conferences: Students can engage in stimulating discussions and broaden their horizons by attending panel discussions and conferences. The Club invites experts, professionals, and alumni to share their experiences, research findings, and industry perspectives. This is a great opportunity to network and gain valuable insights.
  6. Skill Development Sessions: Students get a platform to enhance their technical and professional skills through skill development sessions organized by the club. Learn project management, team collaboration, and entrepreneurship to become a well-rounded engineer.

Join Us

Yantrik College Club is open to all students of IIT Mandi who dare to innovate something new . To become a member, simply register when the forms for recruiting new team members are out. As a member, you'll gain access to workshops, training sessions, competitions, networking opportunities, and various resources related to your areas of interest.


Previous Projects:

Ongoing Projects: