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Welcome to Heuristics, where we are dedicated to cultivating a thriving culture of Data Science and Machine Learning at IIT Mandi.

At Heuristics, we foster an environment that encourages exploration and innovation. Regularly, we bring together a community of passionate individuals through events, challenges, and workshops, all centered around the cutting-edge topics of Data Science, Machine Learning, and complex optimization. Our commitment to enhancing the culture of Data Science and Machine Learning extends beyond theoretical discussions. Through hands-on challenges and workshops, we empower individuals to translate their knowledge into practical solutions. Whether it's unraveling the mysteries of computer vision, harnessing the power of natural language processing, or exploring the uncharted territories of deep learning, Heuristics is at the forefront of technological exploration.

Collaboration is at the heart of our philosophy. We actively seek partnerships with industry leaders, researchers, and fellow enthusiasts to create a synergy that propels us forward.




An introductory machine learning event perfect for beginners. Expert-led sessions cover core concepts like supervised, unsupervised learning, and practical Python use. Demystifying complex topics, it offers hands-on experience with models and datasets. An ideal launchpad for understanding basic machine learning principles.



Cell Lead: Taraksh Sambhar

Pavankumar Endla Ashutosh Sharma Suhana
Ekansh Singh Yash Sharma Bipanjit Singh
Rohan Anurag Maurya Sameer Rawat
Akarshan Kapoor Samvaidan Salgotra Shiven Patel
Avni Mittal Vayun Goel

Previous Cell Leads:

2022-23: Ashutosh Sharma, Yash Sharma, Ritam Chakraborty, Vishesh Mittal, Anurag Maurya