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The Entrepreneurship Cell (ECell) at IIT Mandi is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills among all students. It serves as a comprehensive platform for students to actively participate in the dynamic fields of business and societal impact. Through various activities, workshops, and events, E-Cell aims to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and enhance students' skills in areas such as business strategy, marketing, finance, technology, and design thinking. The goal is to equip students with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of the business world.


  • Disrupt: A vibrant ideation event introducing random object and trigger assignments, fostering a competitive environment where participants generate and pitch innovative ideas, making the selection of winners a challenging task with tight margins.
  • Sampada: A stock trading simulation event reminiscent of the 90s, featuring eight stocks named after IIT Mandi clubs. Participants engage in virtual trades with equal stocks and cash, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the stock market.
  • Samsaya: A high-stakes event where guestimates take center stage, challenging participants to solve critical problems and showcasing their prowess in product manager interviews.
  • IPL Auction: Dive into the excitement of bidding and strategic team-building in a unique atmosphere, making it one of the most beloved and engaging events hosted by ECell.
  • Prodothon: A dynamic case study challenge where participants craft compelling presentations within 3 days, presenting innovative solutions before a judging panel for evaluation.
  • CryptoMania: A mock crypto trading competition where participants test their real-time trading skills with cryptocurrencies, providing a risk-free platform to compete and showcase their abilities.
  • Unicorp: Immerse yourself in the corporate world, taking on key positions like COO, CEO, CTO, CFO, CMO, and more. Engage in strategic discussions about company policies, future goals, and crisis solutions, offering a taste of real-world decision-making in the business realm."

ECell Team 2023-24

Coordinator: Mohit Sanjay Mahajan

Team Leads & Co-coordinator:: Chinmayee S, Dhruv Yadav, Prajwal Errapa, Unnat Maheshwari.

Team members: Ananya Rai, Ayush Lakhotia, Bhavesh Goyal, Dev Patel, Garv Gupta, Harsh Dubey, Ishan Sinha, Jyoti Kumavat, Khushal Sharma, Mayank Goel, Mehul Bhundiya, Mohammed Sufiyan KM, Smit Shah, Yash Shrivastava.

Mentors: Bhargavi Khadap, Harshit Agarwar, Himakshi Gupta, Hiya Jain, Murtaza Mehndi Hasan, Rachit Goyel, Satyam Patil, Shashank Dwivedi, Vastav Bansal.