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Web Dev Cell at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi is a dynamic and innovative student club dedicated to the development of websites and applications. Established with the vision of fostering technological excellence, the club plays a crucial role in enhancing the digital presence and functionality of various entities within the institute.

The primary mission of Web Dev Cell is to provide a platform for students to explore and apply their web development skills. The club is committed to creating a collaborative environment where members can learn, grow, and contribute to the technological landscape of IIT Mandi.

Web Dev Cell takes pride in its successful contributions to the digital landscape of IIT Mandi. From designing and deploying websites for major institute events to developing applications that streamline various processes, the club's portfolio is a testament to its commitment to excellence.



Cell Lead: Mahir Jain (+91 63753 00975)

  1. Aman Sikarwar
  2. Yash Sehgal
  3. Aditya Ruhela
  4. Rachita Sood
  5. Souradeep Hazra
  6. Vivek Aggarwal
  7. Akshat Singh
  8. Smiti Oswal

Previous team:

2022-23: Cell Lead: Rajat Bansal