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Kamand Prompt - IIT Mandi Programming Club

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Kamand Prompt, the programming club of IIT Mandi, is dedicated to nurturing a coding culture and technical activities in areas like Competitive Programming and Development. With the motto "Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat," the club regularly organizes events such as programming contests, hackathons, and coding classes to train students for competitions like ACM ICPC and GSoC.

The club is also active in promoting open-source development, creating campus-beneficial tools, and maintaining a GitHub repository for collaborative projects.

Activities and Programs:

  1. Programming Contests and Hackathons: Regular organization of programming contests and hackathons to engage and challenge the coding skills of students.
  2. Coding Classes: Training sessions for students to prepare them for competitions like ACM ICPC and GSoC.
  3. Open Source Development: Encouraging and facilitating contributions to open-source projects.

Notable Events:

  1. Frost Hack: Inter-College Competition.
  2. Scratch Ye Heads: Event designed to test and enhance problem-solving skills.
  3. GitHero: Focus on mastering Git and GitHub.
  4. ML101: Introduction to Machine Learning.
  5. Super Mario Run: Introductory Event to Competitive Programming
  6. Codeforces Winter Challenge: Competitive coding event.
  7. Beecrowd: Platform-based coding competition.


Inventory Management:

Inventory Manager is an online portal for the management of equipment for various clubs at IIT Mandi. It allows booking and issuing of equipment and enables coordinators to manage issuances and track returns. Built in Node.js, it uses MongoDB for its database. Its GitHub repository is currently private.

Contacts Directory:

An intranet directory providing contact details of individuals at IIT Mandi. It features a real-time elastic search for quick suggestions, segregating data by batches and faculty/student categories. Developed using PHP and MongoDB.


Baat Cheet is an anonymous chat platform allowing users to communicate anonymously in a common channel or in separate groups. It has seen over 100 active members simultaneously. Built in Node.js, it utilizes for real-time communication.

SNTC Server:

A large-scale ongoing project for setting up a student server for SNTC at IIT Mandi. It aims to provide open-source communication and knowledge-based tools, along with hosting facilities for student projects, similar to Heroku. It also envisions an IIT Mandi-specific OAuth system.

Blog and Updates:

For insights, updates, and detailed coverage of their activities, students and enthusiasts can visit the Kamand Prompt blog.

More Information:

To stay updated on the latest events and projects, follow Kamand Prompt on their GitHub and their blog.