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Formation of PMC:

The Photography and Moviemaking Club (PMC) at IIT Mandi was founded by Uday Mittal from the 2009-2013 batch, following a conversation with then-Director Timothy Gonsalves. The club began as Shutterbugs, a group of photography enthusiasts with no professional equipment or professional knowledge. Their first significant investment was a D3200 camera, after documenting events like the Shivratri fair and a trip to Bijli Mahadev. In June 2017, PMC expanded to include Perception, led by coordinators Navneet Sharma and Parimal Kumar, a section dedicated to filmmaking, despite challenges in expertise, equipment, and team diversity.

Explaining Shutterbugs and Perception:

Perception and Shutterbugs are key sections of IIT Mandi's PMC. Perception crafts stories through movies, focusing on visual storytelling, while Shutterbugs captures moments through photography. Both divisions collaborate to blend storytelling with visual artistry. PMC also explores documentary filmmaking and conducts phototrips to enhance skills and gain diverse perspectives.

Core team and working:

The PMC at IIT Mandi's core team is rigorously selected for their expertise and commitment to photography and filmmaking. They lead the club's initiatives, managing diverse projects and hosting workshops and exhibitions. This team mentors the community, enhancing skills in visual arts. Coordinated by a dedicated individual and guided by a faculty advisor, this team ensures the club's activities align with academic standards and fosters a collaborative, creative environment, contributing significantly to the club's growth and success in the realms of photography and videography.

Previous coordinators:

Chandan purbia - 2014-15

Siddhant Kumar - 2015-16

Himanshu Kumar - 2016-17

Navneet Sharma and Parimal Kumar - 2017-18

Rishabh Dharmani, Satyam Shukla, Tushar Tyagi, Vaibhav Sharma - 2018-19

Hemraj Parmar, Animesh Choudhary - 2019-20

Aarushi Gajri, Khubi Kumar , Rupesh Kumar - 2020-21

Chaetenya Sharma, Hiya Jain, Avni Mittal, Archana Nayak, Akash Anand, Om Kshatriya - 2021-22

Abhinav Singla - 2022-23


2nd place - 51 hours - Inter IIT Cult Meet 4.0

3rd Place – Overall - Inter IIT Cult Meet 4.0

3rd place - 51 hours - Inter IIT Cult Meet 5.0

1st place - Photography - IRIS, IIM INDORE 2018

Previous projects :


Follow the journey of a determined student as he navigates through a new atmosphere filled with resistance. Will he be able to succeed in pursuing his dreams? Watch the Runner-Up short film of the 51 hr Film Making event at the Inter IIT Cultural Meet 2019 held at IIT Bombay. (Disclaimer: IIT Mandi community condemns ragging and involvement in any such activity will call forth punitive measures.)


Experience the thrill of a lifetime in "Blink," the 2nd Runner-Up Short Film from the prestigious 51-hour Film Making event at the Inter IIT Cultural Meet 2022 held at IIT Madras. Witness the extraordinary power of a single day as it unfolds, causing a series of captivating events. Join us on this cinematic journey that showcases the incredible talent and creativity of the participants. Don't miss out on this mesmerizing film that will leave you in awe.


In this captivating episode of "Unnoticed," we delve into the lives of the unsung heroes on our campus - the mess workers. Often overlooked, these dedicated individuals play a vital role in creating a warm and welcoming environment for students. Join us as we shine a spotlight on their daily routines, the challenges they face, and the profound impact they have on our campus community. Through this eye-opening episode, we aim to bring awareness and appreciation for the essential contributions of non-working staff members at IIT Mandi.

Walking the wire

Experience the captivating blend of emotions in "Walking the Wire - Imagine Dragons | Music Video by IIT Mandi." This visually stunning music video showcases the beauty of young love while delving into the harsh realities that often accompany it. Prepare to be enthralled as IIT Mandi presents a mesmerizing narrative that will leave you both moved and entertained.

Au revoir

Join us on a mesmerizing journey through the stunning landscapes of IIT Mandi's campus and its surroundings in this captivating drone compilation titled "Au Revoir." As we all navigate through the challenges of quarantine, this video offers a much-needed escape, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of this surreal location nestled in the Himalayas. Get ready to bid farewell to your worries and embark on a visual adventure like no other.

Alvida 2023

Join us in reliving the incredible journey of the batch of 2023 at IIT Mandi through their heartwarming memoir, "Alvida". This YouTube video captures the unforgettable memories and experiences of these exceptional students who not only navigated through the challenges of the pandemic but also left an indelible mark as remarkable seniors. As they embark on new adventures and pursue their dreams, let's celebrate their achievements and remind them that they will always have a home here, with people who will continue to support and cheer them on

Freshers' Intro 2022

Join us in extending a heartfelt welcome to the freshman batch of IIT Mandi! Perception presents a fun-filled video that showcases the vibrant spirit of these freshers. We wish them all the best as they commence their educational journey and hope their enthusiasm knows no bounds. This video is purely for entertainment purposes and has no intention of causing any harm or offense to anyone.