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Yantrik Club IIT Mandi
ActivitiesDesign and mechanical aspects of machines.
Under SGYes

Yantrik is one of the major clubs of IIT Mandi. It comes under the Science and Technology Council. Yantrik conducts various events like junkyard wars, RC races, and even mechatronics workshop. Yantrik is growing with the contribution of new members with each coming year.


Yantrik Club aims at providing IIT Mandi students:

  • A platform for expressing and implementing their ideas in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Expose students to the Mechanical and designing aspect of everyday things.
  • Providing them with enough knowledge to tackle with the mechanical and design aspects of everyday problems.


  • Euces Quiz Event
    • Yantrik Club conducted the Euces Quiz Competition (Online Automobile Quiz) under the guidance of Mentor – Gautam Asopa and Faculty Advisor – Dr. Parmod Kumar. It was a solo competition. A platform called quizizz was used for the conduction the quiz. There were 40 questions which had to be answered within 40 mins and the top 3 contestants with the highest points were declared winner.
  • Designing Competition
    • This event based on SolidWorks and aim was to introduce its uses to the students. There were two question one which tackled the mechanical aspects of designing and the other which was more focussed on the aesthetics. Both the question were on the theme of space exploration. Sessions were conducted beforehand in order to familiarize students that did not know about SolidWorks.
  • Conveyance Quiz
    • This quiz was mainly aimed to introduce students to the designing aspects and its importance. The quiz was conducted on 28th February from 7-8PM. A total of 30 students participated.
  • Junkyard Wars
    • Yantrik Club organizes Junkyard Wars in Utkarsh and/or Exodia. In this competition students have to make an innovative product by using the junks available to them and based on theme given to them.
  • Water Rocket Competition
    • This is a traditional Yantrik Club Competition in which a team of students have to create a water rocket using the materials provided and whichever rocket reaches maximum distance get the maximum points.
  • Indigenous Plane Challenge
    • This event is about making a 3D flying object making from plane paper. This event will teach the participant about the aero dynamic sides of mechanical engineering.
    • This was a case study event where participants were supposed to analyse about the events that led to the failure of the given situations. The aim was to inculcate students the sense of analysis of a particular situation and the series of events that followed.


RC Nitro Car

  • An advanced model RC car built with the similar working of a regular car with some modifications.

RC Plane

  • A working model of a Remote Controlled Plane built from scratch.


  • Yantrik Club is planning to create a Hovercraft. It is an amphibious vehicle that travels over the lands with different terrain and water. Its working is hugely guided by the principles of lift and propulsion. An engine provides mechanical work to the fans, the lift fan pumps the air into the skirt of the craft creating a continuous air cushion that gives it lift, and the propeller or thrust fan on the top of the hull provides the direction.



  • Faculty Advisor
    • Dr.Parmod Kumar
  • Coordinators
    • Tanmay Mahendrakar
    • Akashansh Dhiman
    • Ritwik Kamesh
  • Mentor Coordinator
    • Gautam Asopa
  • Core Team
    • Srishti Ginjala
    • Priyanshu Singh
    • Kirori Dhanawat
    • Pardeep Singh
    • Aayush Sharma
    • Abhishek Mishra
    • Utkarsh deep Tiwari
    • Deepak
    • Yogesh Panjwani
    • Naman Karol
    • Pooja Patidar
    • Manisha Prasad
    • Yatharth Mogra
    • Sahas Goyal


  • Faculty Advisor
    • Dr.Gaurav Bhutani
  • Coordinators
    • Ankit Sejwar
    • Rachit Katewa
    • Abhishek Singh


  • Coordinators
    • Gautam Asopa
    • Aditya Nautiyal
    • Naveen Kumar


  • Naveen Kumar
  • Nishant Rana
  • Wasim Salih
  • Udit Soni
  • V.Sai Subba Rao


  • Akshansh Dhiman : +91 7018154775
  • Tanmay Mahendrakar : +91 7675966909
  • Ritwik Kamesh : +91 9431440415

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