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The writing club of IIT Mandi is a part of Literary Society comprising of the mini authors, poets, shaayars and creative writers of the campus. Being one of the most active clubs of the Gymkhaana it has expanded and grown so much since it's start. A plethora of events and competitions are organized on monthly and semesterly basis. Last year also marked the start of inter-college Literary Fest of IIT Mandi, making it one of the largest literary fests in the Himalayas.


Voice Your Thoughts

Voice Your Thoughts is a monthly series to let you pen down your heart adhering to the given theme. This series started in October 2020.

Kuch Sunao Yaar

Kuch Sunao Yaar was a spoken word event where participants shared their creativity through spoken poetry, story telling, monologue etc.

Review Your Favourites

This was an online event where participants got a chance to review their favourite movies, books, songs, TV series or any other media of their choice. The top entries were posted on our social media handles and the winners were declared based on their popularity.

Kalam ka Kissa

This competition was conducted on ‘YourQuote’, a writing app for writers and performers. The participants were supposed to use #iitmandi and post their shayaris, poems, thoughts, opinions and statuses on the platform within the given time frame.

Two Liners Challenge

The participants were supposed to share their 2-liners on their stories and encourage others to do the same. This was the first inter-college online event hosted on the page.


Ruvaan is the annual inter-college Literary Festival of IIT Mandi. The first edition of Ruvaan was conducted in March 2020. The fest provides a stage for exhibiting a wide variety of literary arts - Poetry Slams, Model United Nations, Quizzes, Story writing, Youth Parliament, and debates.


Literary Society releases it's yearly magazine by the name of Vivaan.

Online Presence

We regularly post the works of our writers on our Instagram and Facebook handles. Many mini-events are organized on social media throughout the year. We have been steadily gaining followers and increasing our reach.


Though the club is open for everyone and organizes competitions, fests and events at inter and intra college level, a dedicated core team is needed for the club to function smoothly. Here we have some of the peeps who have been an active and enthusiastic part of the club.


  • Coordinators
    • Nikita Yadav(Mentor Co-ordinator)
    • Ridhi Ratan
    • Madhumita V


  • Coordinators
    • Shikha Chaudhary
    • Vinayak Kuthiyala


  • Coordinators
    • Namrata Malkani
    • Vinayak Kuthiyala
  • Core Team
    • Shikha Chaudhary(Literary Secretary)
    • Kshitij Gupta
    • Anjali Jangid
    • Ishaan Dahiya
    • Bhumanyu Goyal
    • Dhruv Pindawala
    • Deepali Singh
    • Parshva Jain
    • Parvez Khan
    • Apoorv Dashora
    • Pradyumna Singh
    • Ayushmaan Dixit
    • Monika Singh

Notable Alumni

  • Vinayak Kuthiyala
  • Param Kashyap
  • Shivam Chaudhary
  • Mamta Bhagia
  • Palak Gupta


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