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General introduction

IIT Mandi Weight Lifting was Introduced in 2018. At present we have gyms in both of our campuses which are equipped with proper and quality training equipment. Just after a year, we made our debut in INTER-IIT Sports Meet, which was in 2019, The 54th inter-IIT sports meet organized by IIT Kharagpur. Weightlifting is organized and led by the co-ordinators, who are also students here at IIT Mandi, but have past experience in this particular sport. Decisions are taken by consensus. We organize special coaching sessions during inter-IIT, to prepare us to compete with others in this big event. Our goal is to grow more with better results in the coming years.


We are at the learning stage, so we don’t have an achievement except for participation. But we considered it as our achievement because this progression is from zero.


AY 2020-21
Mukul Dhiman (b18076) (9872588024)
AY 2019-20
Sahith Kadaru

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