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General introduction

Volleyball at IIT MANDI is a game that is loved and enjoyed. Keeping in mind that it is the State game of Himachal Pradesh, there's a lot of competition and Excitement in the inter-college, intra-college, and local tournaments, which makes the game very best to be played in the Himalayas. There are a total of 5 volleyball courts at IIT mandi, two of which are in the north campus and 3 in the south campus.

To improve game-related skills there's a practice session on all 7 days in a week from 5 pm to 8 pm.. Which begins with warming up exercises and then a special focus is given to improve skills of a player, friendly matches are also very common to improve team’s spirit and strategic development. To help us in improving our skills we are guided by Prakash Dev sir. Apart from daily fitness sessions, we also have two fitness camps viz., Summer and winter camps to improve fitness.


Year Achievement
2019 5th Place in Inter-IIT, Women's
2018 Silver Medal in Aarohan(IIT ROPAR), Women's
2018 Bronze Medal in Rann neeti, Women's
2017 Gold Medal in Aarohan(IIT ROPAR), Men's


AY 2020-21
Men- Sk. Shoeb (b19220) (9390247745)
Women- Pooja Patidar (b19255) (8516921968)
AY 2019-20:
Men- Rajan Garhwal
Women- Nisha Choudhary

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