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ActivitiesIntra-college Technical Fest

Utkarsh is the annual intra-college technical festival organized by the Science and Technology Council (SNTC) IIT Mandi. Different events organize interesting events over the weekend and all students take part actively. Some events are organised by more than one club in collaboration which adds in the thrill.

AY 2020-21

It was held on 26th, 27th and 28th February 2021. Under Utkarsh '21 , many different events were held conducted by various clubs under Science and Technology Council (SnTC).

Programming Club

KamandPrompt organised git hero which aimed at freshers so that they can learn about git and github. A series of challenges were prepared which the participants needed to complete. The challenges were ranging from easy to hard and many freshers took part in it. They get to learn how to make Pull Requests, add remotes, squash commits, rebasing and stashing commits, cherry-pick and drop buggy commits. The challenges were posted at https://github.com/KamandPrompt/git_hero_2021/issues and more than 100 PRs were made during the contest!
Capture The stone CTF
The System Administration and Infosec Club (S.A.I.C) organized it's first ever Capture The Flag event this semester. This was the first ever CTF event organised under a formal club activity. This was also the first ever time the CTF platform was hosted on the SNTC server. This event was open to all but mainly focused towards gaining interest of the 1st and 2nd yearites towards computer security. It consisted of 10 challenges on topics ranging from cryptography, web exploitation, reverse engineering and pwn. The event saw a total participation from 97 participants and were required to exploit the questions.


Electra: The Astro Hack
Electra, the third astrothon in the Pleiades series, was conducted on Feb 26th-27th under Utkarsh'21. The first part of the problem statement was based on orbital simulation wherein the participants were required to gain an understanding of the physics underlying orbital theory while also taking general relativistic effects into account. The task was then to simulate the orbit of planet Mercury around the Sun, and also that of two neutron stars about each other. The second part focused on the application of ML in deblurring astronomical images.
Curiosity: the Astro-Quiz
Curiosity, the astroquiz, was the second event conducted by STAC in collaboration with Qurosity (Quizzing Club of IIT Mandi), under Utkash ‘21. The event was hosted by Vineet Ahuja and coordinated by Janhavi Shedge, and saw a participation of about 30 students. The quiz dealt with concepts related to astronomy, space technology, astrophysics, etc.

Entrepreneurship Cell

IPL Auction
E-Cell IIT Mandi organized IPL-Auction, a game based on the actual bidding process of player selection in the Indian Premier League which happens in India annually. Students had to make a team of 4 and a pre-qualifier round was held to select the top 8 teams. It was a Quizzing round with questions based on business and cricket related questions. The top 8 teams were chosen for the actual bidding round held just after it. The basic motive of this event was to develop thinking skills in the participants and how to manage their assets in a competitive environment and make the best out of it with all of it happening in a fun and interesting scenario. Healthy participation from students was received owing to the fun element of the event and the interest among students for auction and cricket. Over 30 teams registered for the event in the form that was floated. Around 130 students showed for the Quizzing round and the top 8 teams were selected. The top 3 teams were chosen on the basis of their team rating and were given prizes.
Case Study
E-Cell IIT Mandi organised a formal case study competition in which the participants were expected to think technically and analytically on the given topic and come up with a solution to the given problem statement. We saw great participation in this event too as more than 15 teams submitted their reports within the given time. The basic motive of case study is to invoke the importance of changing our ideas into proper format and in a good documented and presentable way. The basic topic given to the teams was "Hassles of online semester" and how can they come up with feasible solutions to calling the students back(limited to our campus) and also some motivations in the online classes. The top 3 teams were given prizes based on their points scored under different categories judged by a panel of judges.

Robotronics Club

Home Automation
Arduino though small packages huge wonders when combined with some of its basic modules. One of such powerful things it is capable to execute is home automation. The task is to build a system to make oneself as lazy as possible. So not only logic but creativity together are the key to winning this event.It started on 16th Feb and ended with the participants presenting their work on the 1st of March over a google meet.

Yantrik Club

Designing Competition
This event was based on SolidWorks and aims to introduce its uses to the students. There were two questions, one which tackled the mechanical aspects of designing and the other which was more focussed on aesthetics. Both the questions were on the theme of space exploration. Sessions were conducted beforehand in order to familiarize students that did not know about SolidWorks. It was a week-long event which made sure all the participants got enough time to do some research and find inspiration and hence design the solution models to the problems.
BrainStorm Challenge
This was a case study event where participants were supposed to analyse about the events that led to the failure of the given situations. The aim was to inculcate students the sense of analysis of a particular situation and the series of events that followed.
Conveyance Quiz
This quiz was mainly aimed to introduce students to the designing aspects and its importance. The quiz was conducted on 28th February from 7-8PM. There were various questions that ranged from designing aspects to analyzing a model.

Nirmaan Club

Construction Photography
This event was organised for capturing beautiful photos of any undergoing construction site and describe activity going on in the photograph. It was a one week long event starting from 20 feb and it ends at 27 feb. Students actively participated in this event and we got a lot of entries.
Scavenger Hunt Civil Contest
This event was designed in two sections. The 1st section was designed for b.tech 1st year and 2nd year, and section 2 was designed for b.tech 3rd, 4th and pg students. For 1st section, the motto of this event was to explore civil, like know it’s branches, leading companies and marvellous structures. For section 2, they have to find real life examples of assigned tasks according to the problem statement. It was an interesting event, we got a lot of responses from students of b.tech and m.tech.
This was a quiz competition on “Fluid Mechanics”. It was scheduled at 26 and 27 feb. Students from b.tech 1st year to m.tech 2nd year participated in this competition. We got more than 90 entries for it and it was not possible for us to conduct it in a single round so we decided to conduct it in 2 rounds. There are a total of five groups in the 1st round and from each group top 3 students qualify for the final round. We conducted the final round on 27 feb at 1pm over kahoot.


Chassis Designing
This Competition was conducted on February 28 under Utkarsh'21.In this competition, participants were supposed to design a f1 formula racing car chassis using Solidworks.This gives them some idea about chassis making and factors on which it's safety, comfort etc., depends and the things they need to consider while designing,not only chassis but any other structure as well.


Winners in different events
Event 1st Position 2nd Position 3rd Position
GitHero Ritam Chakraborty Rajat Bansal Rijul Jain
Capture The stone CTF Pranshu Kharkwal Anmol Bishnoi Pratyaksh Khullar
Electra Auriga - Gautam Dhulipala Delta Square - Jayantakumar kuch_nhi_aata - Harnaman Kaur, Shardul Semwal and Deepanshu Gupta (Special Mention)
Curiosity Anooshka Bajaj Pranav R. Iyengar Anmol Bishnoi
Case Study Mind Crusaders - Lavish Sachdeva, Shivam Middha, Piyush Verma Helping Hands - Satyam, Maitri, Vansh Berozgar - Yuvraj Aseri, Kushagra Agarwal, Rishabh Maheshwari
IPL Auction Smugglers - Saksham Kumar, Deepak Gupta, Shardul Mahajan, Shubham Shukla Guts N Glory - Rohan, Pranav, Antriksh, Nikita The Bidding Warriors - Shailesh Rathod, Atharva, Abhay, Dev
Home Automation Anmol Bishnoi Pranav, Rohan, Hemant, Raghvendra, Murtaza, Rohan Bharti, Gautham Janani, MD Arif, Anurag Mishra, Geetanshu, Shalu
Designing Competition SMS Lab Team-Rishi Kant Thakur,Shyam Kishor Sharma,Diwakar Singh The Lockheeds-Anurag Maurya A-Team-Ankit Gomladu
BrainStorm Challenge The LockHeeds-Anurag Maurya, Md Arif ISIS-Sahas Goyal, Yash Aggarwal BSC-Shardul Semwal,Deepanshu Kumar Gupta
Conveyance Quiz Anurag Maurya Abhishek Kharya Lalit Narayan Mudgal
Construction Photography Parvez Khan Nivedita -
Scavenger Hunt Civil Contest Section 1: Katta Charanya, Section 2: Nivedita Section 1: Dheeraj, Section 2: Vishal -
CIVIZ Shivam Parashar Gaurav Sidharth Singh
Chassis Designing Ankit Karan Anurag Maurya -