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Adviser(s)Dr. Aniruddha Chakraborty

Amidst new waves of development, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi is aiming new heights with its vision, “To be a leader in science and technology education, knowledge creation and innovation, in an India marching towards a just, inclusive and sustainable society’’. IIT Mandi is continuously nurturing new avenues for promotion of research and innovation. It has given a launching pad to Society for Collaborative Research and Innovation (SCRI) which aims at providing a collaborative platform for extensive, effective and sustainable research and innovations. SCRI is a platform to provide good opportunities for students of any field or Discipline and it gives exposures to Interdisciplinary Research areas.


Here are some events which were organized by SCRI.

Informative Talks
This year, we organized a talk titled "Using math to clean-up the oceans" on 15th Jan 2021 by Dr. Tom Crawford, mathematician at University of Oxford.
Last year a talk was organized on gravitational waves by Dr. Patrick Das Gupta.
Technical Talk Shows
Photography and Movie Club in collaboration with SCRI presented Technical Talk Show- a series where the experiences and overall opinions of IIT Mandi faculty and student achievers will be captured. First episode was released.
National Science Day 2k19
On the occasion of Science Day Hon. Director Sir gave a very warming lecture addressing the students of various school and colleges.
Matlab Workshops
SCRI and Mathworks Inc. organised Matlab Workshop on 17th November, 2018 @ SC-NKN. This was a one day workshop which was conducted by officials from MathWorks. Certificate were also provided to participants of the workshop by Mathworks Inc. For more info click here.
5WIP SCRI Introduction
SCRI Club delivered an Introduction section about what is the SCRI club all about, to the first year B.Tech Students during their 5 Week Induction Program(5WIP).


SCRI is an open organization at IIT Mandi, meaning that anyone from IIT Mandi can take part in events organized. However for smoothly organizing these events there is a team of students dedicated to this.


Manoj Kumar, Apoorav Singh Deo

Core Team

Jahnvi Gupta, Lalit Narayan, Aditya Sarkar, Lasini Vippakayala, Nitin Kumar Pathak, Shubhanshu Karoliya, Venkata Aditya Duggaraju, Afra Nivas, Deepanshi, Sahil Walia, Shriya Srivastava.


Manoj Kumar: (+91) 9805061557

Apoorav Singh Deo: (+91) 9805638680


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