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Robotronics Club IIT Mandi
ActivitiesRobotics Engineering (Components and algorithm).
Under SGYes

Robotronics Club is the official club under Science and Technology Council, IIT Mandi. It is one of the most active clubs created to bring out the creativity among the students and make them familiar with the ever growing world of Robotics. The club provides an entry point and a platform to the students where they can come and learn this amazing field of technology.

Our Mission

To build a community which can think, play and make !! Robotronics club is a place where we dont just create bots but ponder to solve real problems.



  • Line Follower

The aim of the event is to design bots to follow black line on a white surface (usually) and overcome the obstacles, split and intersection of lines, loops, etc. that might be encountered in the path. Bots are judged according the time taken and number of checkpoints cleared.

  • Maze Solver

Maze solver event involves building an autonomous bot to traverse a maze, as briefed in the problem statement. The bot is placed at the entry point of a randomly drawn maze. The goal is to reach the exit square of the maze in minimum possible time. The event targets real time problem solving skills.

  • Robonox

Robonox is team event aimed to test participants on various aspects of prototype design and implementation. Participants have to build innovative automation solutions to the problem statement provided at the beginning of the event. They are also required to document a detailed description of the prototype, including an Auto-CAD/Solidworks model, the circuit designs and cost estimation of their product.

2020 (online)

The event was themed on an industrial problem. Each team was expected to propose a solution for an ​Automatic Delivery System. The time window of the competition was 6 hours. The formation of teams was done through a virtual auction where bidding was done by the team leaders, who were BTech 3rd year students. The judges were BTech 4th year students.

  • Blender Modelling

Before conducting the event, a workshop was organised on 2nd October to make students familiar with the free and open-source 3D computer graphics software toolset: blender. After the session, students were allowed to form groups and build 3d models using blender. The best model was judged and chose by Prof. Jinesh Machchhar and the winning teams were rewarded with prizes.

  • Robowar
  • Robo Soccer

It was an event held on the the 2nd of November, as a part of the intra-college technical fest, Utkarsh. The event aimed at designing a soccer-playing robot which would analyse position of ball, position of net and ultimately score a goal.

  • Drone Racing


The keynote speakers for the year 2020 are to be Dr.Amit Shukla and Dr.Ramprasad Potluri


  • Drone Making Workshop
  • IoT weekend workshops
  • ROS Workshop


  • Home Automation
  • Advanced Line FOllower
  • Drone/UAV
  • Realtime Visualizer
  • Brain Waves Analyser
  • Robotic Arm
  • Land Rover

Organisational Structure

  • Faculty Advisor
  • Mentor Coordinator
  • Coordinators
  • Core Team



  • Pratyush Gaurav
  • Gaurav Kumar
  • Rakshit Raj
  • Suryavanshi Virendra Singh
  • Lakshay Arora
  • Abhigyan Khaund
  • Ayush Meghwani
  • Shreyas Bapat



  • Coordinators
    • Dipanshu Verma
    • Abhishek Parmar
    • Pritish Chugh
  • Mentor Coordinator
    • Arjun Sehdev
  • Core Team
    • Fourth Year:
      • Raj Kumar Sharma
      • Dipesh Kumar Gupta
    • Third year:
      • Khyati Agarwal
      • Anjali Deep
      • Shrinivas Khatavkar
      • Chandan Prakash
      • Dhananjay Verma
    • Second Year:
      • Priyam Seth
      • Tanmay Mahendrakar
      • Divyam Sharma
      • Shubhanshu Agrawal
      • Nehal Reshu
      • Deepak Khatri
      • Akash Karnatak
      • Pongthangamba Laishram
      • Prashant Kumar
      • Dhanush Chavan
      • Ankit Yadav
      • Paras Jain
      • Krati Khinchi
      • Rohan Raj Kansal
      • Sarthak Morj
      • Priyanshu Shubham
      • Kratika Gupta
      • Harnaman Kaur
      • Janhavi Shedge
      • Priyanshu Singh


  • Coordinators
    • Ankit Karan
    • Piyush Goyal
    • Manpreet Singh


  • Dipanshu Verma (B18054) 9041118938
  • Abhishek Parmar (B19065)
  • Pritish Chugh (B19187) 9478757565
  • Arjun Sahdev (B17117) 8368058875

email id:

Address:  Robotronics Room, SAC-002, North Campus, IIT Mandi, Kamand (H.P.) - 175005

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