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Photography and Moviemaking Club (PMC) is the official photography and videography club of IIT Mandi. It is one of the most prominent and influential clubs of the cultural society. It conducts several events, workshops and sessions all year round. It has brought numerous laurels to the institute.



Shutterbugs is the photography branch of the club. Focuses on various kinds of photography including astrophotography, portrait photography, landscape photography and street photography. It covers all college events and treks. It also organizes photo trips and walks. Notable pictures clicked by club members of all generations can be seen on its Instagram.


The filmmaking branch of the club. Makes short films, interviews, freshers introduction and cinematic videos. It has a highly active presence on Youtube.


The projects are in order of release

  • The Golden Shoe
  • Dastak
  • Nazariya
  • Aagaz- official aftermovie
  • Interview with Prof. Ramesh Oruganti
  • IIT Mandi campus la tournee
  • Sports Camp- summer 2018
  • Fresher’s Intro 2018
  • Seed
  • Interview with Prof. Timothy A. Gonsalves
  • Dark
  • Independence Day Tribute
  • Fresher’s Intro 2019
  • 7th Convocation IIT Mandi
  • Loser
  • The Link
  • Sapne
  • Interview with Mr. Atharv Amir Khan
  • Elle
  • Au Revoir
  • Nikon Online Wildlife Workshop
  • Memoirs | Father and Son
  • The Bridge
  • Fresher's Intro 2020

Selection Process

Interested freshers go through an induction in their first semester where various facets of the club are introduced to them through sessions conducted by senior members. It is an open club. For selection in the core team, over the first year the participation in events and contribution is gaged. At the end of the year there is an interview process for coordinator and core team member selection.


  • 2nd position in 51-hour filmmaking at Cultural Meet 4.0, IIT Bombay.
  • 3rd overall in filmmaking at Cultural Meet 4.0, IIT Bombay.
  • 6th position in online moviemaking at Inter IIT Cultural Meet 3.0, IIT Roorkee.
  • 1st position in photography competition at IRIS 2018, IIM Indore held by club member Tushar Tyagi.


Current Coordinators (2020-21)

  • Khubi Kumar
  • Aarushi Gajri
  • Rupesh Kumar

Core Team (current)

Vikas Verma, Vipul Sharma , Shivam Kumar , Shashi Fagna , Shikha Suman , Saud Ali , Ujjwal Soni , Sunil Dangi , Anwesh Das , Harsh Kumar , Amit Chauhan , Shreya Lanjewar , Shikha Chaudhary , Muskan Yadav , Binti Padaliya , Priyanshu Shubham , Pranshu Kharkwal , Aditee Prasad , Divyasheel Kumar , Pritish Chugh , Akanksha Sinha , Shubham Saurav , Ravi Kumar , Kirori Dhanawat , Harnaman Kaur , Ankit Yadav , Kshitij Gupta

Coordinators (2019-20)

  • Hemraj Parmar
  • Animesh Chaudhary
  • Satyam Shukla
  • Raman Soni

Coordinators (2018-19)

  • Tushar Tyagi
  • Satyam Shukla
  • Rishabh Dharmani
  • Vaibhav Sharma

Coordinators (2017-18)

  • Navneet Sharma
  • Parimal Kumar

Coordinator (2016-17)

  • Himanshu Kumar

Coordinator (2015-16)

  • Siddhant Kumar

Coordinator (2014-15)

  • Mukarram Tailor

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