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ActivitiesOpen Inter-college Hackathon
FoundedDecember 5th, 2019
Founder(s)Vipul Sharma, Dheeraj Yadav

FrostHack is an Open Hackathon organized by student community of IIT Mandi with the goal of solving societal problems by collective collaboration among students using tech. FrostHack was initially envisioned by Vipul Sharma and Dheeraj Yadav, who were the coordinators of Programming Club during 2019-20. Before this, IIT Mandi had only intra college hackathons in which students from only IIT Mandi could participate. However, the first edition of FrostHack, which was supposed to happen in March 2020, was cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and postponed for later. It was then finally conducted in online mode for the first time in May 2021, and was led by Saransh Jain and Kartik Kathuria, in that year.


The vision of FrostHack is to be become the largest student organized hackathon in India and help India solve its problems by bringing students together to collaborate and work on their ideas.

Head Organizers in various years

Academic Year Date Names Remarks
2021 7th May Kartik Kathuria, Saransh Jain Conducted online
2020 28th March Vipul Sharma, Dheeraj Yadav Cancelled due to Coronavirus pandemic






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