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Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Mandi
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ActivitiesMarketing, Finance, Consultancy
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E-Cell, aka Entrepreneurship Cell, is IIT Mandi’s in-campus organization that aims to instigate the entrepreneurial spirits among our community. As the name celebrates our crazy love for subjects related to business and its disciplines, we always strive to give a glimpse of the world of business and finance by conducting multifarious of events, sessions and competitions.


As our motto “It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen” suggests, our solemn mission is let people think, cultivate ideas and more importantly to make things happen. Seeking innovation, opportunities and connections, at the end of the day, our destination happens to be global Entrepreneurship. As startups are an integral part of Entrepreneurship, we strive to motivate startups and make people aware of what exactly entrepreneurship and startups are. As a community, we support each other, promote entrepreneurship culture and grow together through various sessions, workshops, games and competitions.



The selection procedure of E Cell is clear, standard and transparent. Applications are open through which the students of second year register and a panel interview cum group discussion is conducted by the past coordinators for the shortlisted candidates. There are no interviews or selection procedure to be part of the E-Cell community. If you have passion to learn, enthusiasm to discuss or debate and a zeal for entrepreneurship, you are definitely cut for the club and are always welcome.


E-Cell has a four-levelled organisational structure.

  • Faculty Advisor is a faculty keen on entrepreneurship who guides and advises the core body in conducting and organising various events and sessions.
  • Mentors are coordinators of the previous years usually in their third or fourth years with much experience in managing the club. They too guide and advice the core team but in a closser level than the faculty adviser.
  • The core body comprises of Coordinators and Core Team consisting of students from second and third year. They bear the complete responsibility of the club, its management and various events associated with it.
  • The Coordinators lead the club, declare decisions according to democratic opinion and manage the club budget.
  • The Core Team is responsible for day-to-day functioning of the club and execution of its plans. It consists of students in second year of their study.
  • Community are anyone in the collage with a passion to learn, determination make things happen, enthusiasm to discuss or debate and a zeal for entrepreneurship, business and finance.


E-cell has been extremely active and over the years the number of events and their participation has grown exponentially.

Talks & Workshops

Start-up and MBA

On 3rd March E-cell organized a talk on the topic ‘Startup and MBA as two different paths’ by Professor Bringi Dev. The main motive of the event was to give students an insight into the life of an MBA graduate and his/her role in the startup ecosystem as compared to the Technical people such as IITians. It also provided an idea for those who are willing to go for more management and Business oriented roles after Engineering and dream of joining IIMs and other top B schools.

Ideas to Ventures

E-cell on the advice of Dr. Samar Agnihotri, Chair SCEE organized an interactive and informal session with Dr. Pravin Bhagwat about his entrepreneurial journey from the hostel dorms of IIT Kanpur to founding one of the leading network security startups. Dr. Pravin Bhagwat is the Co-founder and CTO of MOJO Networks and Associate Vice President Arista Networks.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

E-cell organized a Bootcamp on the topic of Digital Marketing and Web Technologies in partnership with the Swathena foundation. Digital Marketing
plays a vital role in today’s world as the reach of digital media platforms is
enormous all thanks to the rapid technological advancements. To publicize
a product or company these platforms play an essential role and it is a skill that every entrepreneur should hone and master.

Silicon Valley Webinar

E-Cell organized a webinar titled “Silicon Valley and Entrepreneurship” by Mr. Sandy Khaund, VP Blockchain Products at Ticketmaster who shared his experiences working with big companies like Intel and Microsoft, his life in Silicon Valley, being a startup founder, and pitching investors. Prior to this webinar, he had also interacted with students of MIT, Berkeley, Yale, Syracuse, and Cornell on these topics.

E-Leaders’ Workshop

E-Cell team members participated in the E-Leader’s Workshop conducted by the Wadhwani Foundation on 5t h October 2019 in the Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida. The workshop was addressed by Mr. Vijaya Talwar, Regional Head of the Wadhwani Foundation. The motive of the workshop was that it was a good channel for our E-Cell to build contacts with the E-Cells of other IITs and IIMs that were also attending this workshop.


E-Cell is dedicated in finding new and innovative events, in which the whole college actively takes part. For ongoing events, one can visit https://ecell.iitmandi.co.in/contests

I Have an Idea

The event was mainly focused on bringing out the creativity of the newly admitted first-year students in college and saw participation from 4 teams presenting 5 out of the box ideas in the form of videos and slideshows. The event was conducted in association with IIT Mandi Catalyst.



E-Cell IIT Mandi organized IPL-Auction, a game based on the actual bidding process of player selection in the Indian Premier League which happens in India annually. Students had to make a team of 4 or 5 and a pre-qualifier round was held to select the top 8 teams. The basic motive of this event was to develop thinking skills in the participants and how to manage their assets in a competitive environment and make the best out of it with all of it happening in a fun and interesting scenario.


E-Cell organized yet another IPL auction, all thanks to the dedication of some of our first-year student members who did not only independently took on this initiative of making an online platform for the event from scratch but were also able to successfully execute it. One can watch the platform at https://iplauction.ml

The Case Study

E-Cell conducted the event “The Case Study” as a part of the intra college technical festival Utkarsh 19. The topic of the event was “Tackling Plastic Pollution”. The motive of this event was to introduce the practice of case study to those unfamiliar with it and an introductory session was kept accordingly for the participants.


D.I.S.R.U.P.T. is based on quick thinking and is a fun way of generating new ideas for a startup. It is an abbreviation for Derive, Include, Separate, Repurpose, Unite, Transplant. There is a very close link between innovation and entrepreneurship, this event was all about that. It brings out creative and inventive thinking even in most conventional minds. Triggers(like derive, include, etc.) were announced and random object cards(portraying bottle, bike, bags, etc.) were flashed towards the audience.

Netflix and Pitch

E-cell organized this event keeping in mind that during the uncertain time period of lockdown. The motive for this event was to get people engaged in entrepreneurship even in their homes and to keep their spirits high in these times.

The Curious Case of Corona

The Curious Case of Corona was another event conducted during the early days of lockdown in order to keep the students involved and to make them put in some effort into analyzing the current world scenario and its impact on the future. The participants had to do a detailed analysis on one of the given themes and prepare a report in the form of a document, presentation, video clip, blog, Interactive notebook, or anything else stating the information collected and the inferences made.



  • Coordinators
    • Khyati Agarwal (+91-9910177526)
    • Parshva Jain (+91-9891324790)
    • Sahas Goyal
  • Core Team
    • Niveditha N
    • Aarushi Gajri
    • Priyam Seth
    • Pranshu Kharkwal
    • Yuvraj Bishnoi
    • Dhanush Chavan
    • Solai Adithya
    • Anmol Bishnoi
    • Sagar Palliwal


  • Coordinators
    • Ishan Dahiya
    • Prakhar Uniyal
  • Core Team
    • Vaibhav Mongia
    • Kairav Bansal
    • Khyati Agarwal
    • Anam Siddique
    • Manav Mehta
    • Sunil Kumar Singh
    • Rohit Bhamu


  • Coordinators
    • Amol Agrawal
    • Nabeel Khan
    • Nitin Mittal


  • Coordinators
    • Param Kashyap
    • Hrithik Gupta
    • Navneet Sharma


1. Won Bronze medal at Neenopal’s Case Study Challenge, Inter IIT Tech Meet 2019
2. E-Cell partnered with Himalayan Startup Trek 2019 [1].