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This page describes the goals for IIT Mandi Wiki. It's a good place to pickup issues if you're a new contributor looking to help out. We welcome your contributions in IIT Mandi wiki.

Editing/Writing Work

These tasks so not require any special access and hence can be done by anyone.

Task Remarks
Create a Fresher's Guide.
Add infobox for all cult clubs.
Add infobox for all societies.
Make an about page for Wiki at IIT Mandi Wiki
Create page for technical society. Assigned to Vipul.
Create page for Student Gymkhana.
Create page for Hostels.
Create a page for internship/placement preparation.
Create "Yellow Pages" containing all important contacts of the institute.
Create a GSoC page.
Create a ICPC page.
Create a Linux CommunityBridge page.
Create a page for Constitution of Student Gymkhana.
READ Club Page Assigned to Rishabh Dharmani.

Technical Work

These tasks require SSH access to the server and hence can not be done by normal public.

Task Remarks
Fix Visual Editor Assigned to: Swapnil; Estimated completion by end of 2020
Get Contribution Scores like extension Tried ContributionScores Extension but not compatible with our SQLite database.