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Founder(s)Parimal Kumar, Navneet Sharma, Rishabh Dharmani, Siddhant Kumar, Neha Muthiyan,

Banjaare is a YouTube channel created by a few Photography and Moviemaking Club alumni. Banjaare covers all the travel-related videos. Want to travel the world, but can't go outside. Don't worry we will make you feel like you are at your destination from enjoying the snow to chilling in the sunny beaches, from London to Dubai all at your fingertips. Vlogging makes travel personal. There's something about speaking directly to an audience, looking them in the eyes, and taking them along with you on your travels that gets wanderlusters hooked. If you aren't able to travel but need a little inspiration, you can simply head over to our YouTube channel and watch us take on the world. With the ability to live vicariously through Banjaare personalities at the touch of a play button, the joy and magic of world travel becomes widespread. A boring workweek in the office can be escaped when you see through our lens. Not only has technology made visuals that much more stunning to marvel at, but people like us have given their channels a life of their own. With engaging storytelling, fresh creativity, clever editing, and informative details, we inspire you to travel and make your journey easy and smooth.

Videos Till Date

Name Year of Release YouTube Link
Dubai - Cinematic Travel Film 2020
Tune Kaha - A Music Video 2020
City Of London- City within a city 2020
B-Roll Compilation 2020
Road to IIT Mandi 2020

Channel Link

You can visit the official YouTube channel of Banjaare here .