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The Student Gymkhana is a place where academics and fun extracurriculars blend seamlessly. We're all about creating a well-rounded campus life here. Tucked away in the stunning Himalayan backdrop, our Gymkhana isn't just a part of the institute; it's the heartbeat of our student community. It's a place where leadership meets creativity, and diverse interests from sports to arts, and tech to culture to lit thrive - that's us! Every club and society here is a mirror of the colorful and inventive souls that walk our halls.

The Constitution

Ah, the Constitution – sounds pretty serious, doesn't it? Well, it's because it really is! This hefty word carries the essence of how our Gymkhana ticks. It's the rule book, the guiding star, the 'how we do things around here.' So, whenever we're in action, just know it's the Constitution that's leading the charge. In a way it is also the essence of the Student Gymkhana.

It highlights the aim of Student Gymkhana as:

  • To contribute actively to the development of a vibrant student community
  • To enrich student life and culture and to ensure overall wellbeing of students
  • To encourage individual talents and ideas to flourish through cultivation of leadership skills and to promote effective participation in the affairs of the community

Highlighting the above, we have our pledge:

" We, the students of the Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, solemnly affirm that all students of the IIT Mandi are bound by equal rights, duties, and obligations to the furtherance of the avowed aims set out above. We pledge to uphold them unfailingly at all times, and in pursuit thereof we do hereby express our solemn resolve to constitute a self-governing democratic organization called the Student Gymkhana and to give unto ourselves the Charter called the “Student Constitution” set forth in detail below, this day, the First of November 2013. "

The Constitution is jam-packed with all sorts of details – from how elections roll out to the nitty-gritty of what powers our secretaries wield, and a whole lot more. If you're the curious kind, looking to outsmart the system or maybe spot a few loopholes, why not dive into the full text? You can check out the entire Constitution right here. Happy reading – and maybe plotting! :)


Gymkhana Structure
Gymkhana Structure