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ArtGeeks IIT Mandi
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Art Geeks is the official art club of IIT Mandi. It is the heart of creativity in the college. In a short span, it has successfully established its identity in the college. Each year the club is responsible for new and innovative ways of promoting the art culture in the college.


I Think... I feel... I create... Therefore I am

Art is a way of expressing yourself. As a child, we all have expressed ourself by scribbling out our dreams, our fears, our joys, in all, our emotions and ideas. Some of which we still have at our homes, preserved behind a piece of glass and put up on our wall glorifying the artistic mind that a child has, however amateur the art may be. Here at Art Geeks, we wish for all to explore yourself and your imagination, irrespective of your skills, and bring out the artist in you.


The club is open to all. There is no required skill level or mastery of any art form required, we will explore, learn and express together showing off your creativity giving all an equal chance to leave a lasting memory in your minds and the institute. Selection for core teams is open to all members except college freshmen and is done on the basis of their performance and involvement with the club in the previous year.